Clare Historical & Archaeological Society presents a lecture by Martin Hedges : The Miser, the Murderer and the Headless Horseman, Acton: a small village with big stories.

As murders go it was a strange one. It was seemingly motiveless. Married for just three weeks, a 17 year-old servant girl from Acton, near Clare, killed her childhood sweetheart. She poisoned him with arsenic in the suet pudding that was his Tuesday night supper.

And in the same village lived ‘the miser of Acton’,said to be worth £230 million in today’s money when he died in 1798. To the joy of lawyers for a hundred years or more (and the writer Charles Dickens who modelled the interminable legal case Jarndyce v Jarndyce on the lifelong fight for the money), he forgot to take his glasses when he went to sign his will.

Lecture begins at 7:30pm.

When and where...

  • Fri 7th December 2018

  • Old School Community Centre, Clare CO10 8NY