A Clare Historical & Archaeological Society lecture by Peggy Smith. Starting at 7:30pm with entry coasting £2. All welcome.

After Clare Castle left the De Clare’s ownership it became a royal property. In the 17th century it went into private hands. In the 20th century it went into public ownership – Suffolk County Council and currently Clare Town Council. During its history, several owners stand out as of particular interest. Three will be discussed in detail in this illustrated talk – Joan of Acre who was the daughter of King Edward I and wife of Gilbert de Clare Earl of Hertford and Gloucester; Richard Duke of York who nearly became King of England; and John Elwes, one of the most notorious misers of the late 18th century.  Their stories take Clare Castle from its height, to its early sad neglect, when it was described as ‘lamentable ruins upon a most beautiful situation,’ and on to its final neglect.

When and where...

  • Fri 4th January 2019

  • Clare Old School Community Centre, Callis St, CO10 8PX