Local scene

The gotch

There are many pleasures to be had in our part of the world, some tucked away, some in full view but often unseen.  Come and explore our curiosities and unexpected corners within the Upper Stour Valley.

A cabinet of curiosities

A vision of hell
 in Stoke-by-Clare plus sermons in a wineglass

The gotch in St Peter & St Paul’s Parish Church in Clare: what was it for?

A 200 year old cast iron Bridge

Peddars Jan Couling
Peddars in the High Street is now a restaurant, Mughal Knight; painting by Jan Couling

A rare circular tower near Cavendish, 1000 years old

The greatest Roman find in Suffolk over 25 years

An alabaster masterpiece

Royal burials

The ‘Westminster Abbey of Suffolk

Butchers since 1787; ironmongers since 1828: just two shops in Clare: Humphries & Hudgies

The War of the Spanish Succession & a lump of granite

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